Losing Yesterday (ORPHAN001)

by various artists

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ORPHAN001 / INRI038/060s:
• CDR = ltd to 60 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

This compilation was originally two singles combined and released on a CDR for Bluesanct (as INRI038/060s).

The first part, 'Orphanology volume 1', was going to be a 7" released in conjunction w/ an amazing magazine out of Montreal called aMAZEzine!. Sadly, this never was completed.

The second part consists of two tracks recorded for a magazine out of Italy called Losing Today. Both were recorded while Drekka was active in the group lovesliescrushing, and included on a compilation CD which came with the magazine, to accompany a big article on the band. The magazine not only released an unauthorized (and totally butchered) edit of 'Dapur', but got my name wrong in the article! Boo!

So, the concept of Orphanology was born of these two disappointments. It is re-issued here for the first time as ORPHAN001... thereby answering the long-asked question of why we started the label with ORPHAN002.

While going though artwork files to make this digital re-issue, it appears this release was also originally available on ZIPDISC (although I am pretty sure none were actually ordered, leaving one sole prototype in existence in the Bluesanct archive)


released September 30, 2000

Orphanology (ORPHAN001)/Bluesanct (INRI038/060s)
digital release 18 March 2012

BlueSanct side:

1. Tiltmaster - Waterbased (demo)
2. Camera Club - The Day
3. Drekka - Silent Duty

Day2 side:

4. k.joy - You Flower
5. FuscilLage - Twins (excerpt)
6. The Stuffings - advice from a cat

1-6 originally compiled for 'Orphanology volume 1' 7" from 1998, a joint release between BlueSanct and Day2 Alliance
c+p 2000 Bear's Friend's Music ASCAP/Day2 Alliance

7. Vir - Dapur
Michael Anderson - acoustic guitar and treatments
Scott Cortez - guitar
Chris Gregory - rhythmic implications
k.joy - vocals
Dave Nelson - A.M.2000 broadcast
Mark Trecka - guitar

written by Mark Trecka and k.joy.
recorded, collaged and produced at Third Hermitage Floor, Chicago, April 1999 by Michael Anderson

8. lovesliescrushing - nipra
melissa - vocals

original sound recordings from 1992-1994.
remixed at Third Hermitage Floor, Chicago
April 1999 by Michael Anderson and Scott Cortez

7+8 originally recorded for Losing Today magazine.
c+p 1999 Bear's Friend's Music ASCAP/Hallucigenia BMI

design by Michael Anderson for 4K Design using a self-portrait of k.joy and video stills from an unused lovesliescrushing film by Kirstin Grieve for Ignorant Noise Productions.

the first in a series of orphaned releases, ltd to 60


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Orphanology Bloomington, Indiana

Orphanology is a Day2 allied label within Bluesanct.

Orphanological releases meant to document the spaces between releases and the lost ones that never made it.

The physical releases tend to sell out very quickly, as intended, so we've decided to release them digitally for those who miss out the first time around.
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