Revolution: Bluesanct (ORPHAN009)

by various artists

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from the liner notes:
"Let this release commemorate :
REVOLUTION: BLUESANCT (a Bluesanct mini-fest)
Held Friday, May 7th, 2004, at the Bloomington Playwright's Project
It features unreleased music by the performers:
Drekka • Odawas • static films • rivulets • Vollmar
as well as an unreleased track by Elephant Micah,
who was unable to attend.
Thank you."

Given free to attendees of the REVOLUTION: BLUESANCT mini-fest and benefit event for REVOLUTION BLUES magazine.


released May 7, 2004

Orphanology (ORPHAN009)
digital release 19 June 2012

01. lesson courtesy of ‘The American Encyclopedia of Learning Through Music, vol.3’

02. and 03. taken from the EP ‘Vitamin City’. written and performed and by Michael Tapscott, Isaac Edwards, Jessica Halverson

04. taken from the unreleased album ‘Mercy’. written by Mark Trecka. performed by Mark Trecka, Douglas Tesnow and Joe O’Connell

05. recorded live at the Waldron Firebay, Bloomington, IN sometime in 2003. performed by Mark Trecka, Elizabeth Remis, and Joseph Edilmann. ‘towards you, in the water’ written by static films, ‘besides discovery...’ written by Andrew Furse

06. and 07. recorded live at WFHB,Bloomington, IN June 6th, 2003. ‘holocaust’ written by Alex Chilton in 1975 for Big Star’s ‘Third/Sister Lover’ album. ‘Shakes’ written by Nathan Amundson for rivulets’ ‘Debridement’ album, (c) 2002 rivulets BMI, features Haley Bonar on backing vocals

08. - 11. recorded exclusively for this event. written by Justin Vollmar. performed by Justin Vollmar, David Brandt, Nathan Vollmar, Dorey Fox, Michael Anderson and Riley Manion

12. recorded live at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA in July 2003. written and performed by Joe O’Connell

13. recorded live at The Vertigo, Bloomington, IN in December 2003. written and performed by Michael Anderson

all songs belong to those what wrote them.


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Orphanology Bloomington, Indiana

Orphanology is a Day2 allied label within Bluesanct.

Orphanological releases meant to document the spaces between releases and the lost ones that never made it.

The physical releases tend to sell out very quickly, as intended, so we've decided to release them digitally for those who miss out the first time around.
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