untitled no. 1 & 2 (ORPHAN00H)

by Henry Blood

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ORPHAN00H in the 'alphabet series':
• CDR = ltd to around 17 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

from the original press release:
"HENRY BLOOD is the next generation of Bluesanct... son of DARRYL BLOOD (Tiltmaster), HENRY takes cues more from his uncle DREKKA rather than the indie genius of his dad... at 8 MONTHS OLD, he composed and performed these intuitive pieces for piano and synth... plaintive passages reminiscent of Cage or Reich, with a slightly somber overtone of Harold Budd. Part of a new series from our side label, ORPHANOLOGY... ltd to around 17 copies."

This was the first release in the 'alphabet series' on Orphanology... and the cover is an actual photo of Henry recording the album.


released August 16, 2009

Orphanology (ORPHAN00H)
digital release 15 June 2012

'untitled no. 1 & 2'
recorded in Glendale, CA
16 August 08

composed & performed by
(born 15 Dec 07)


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Orphanology Bloomington, Indiana

Orphanology is a Day2 allied label within Bluesanct.

Orphanological releases meant to document the spaces between releases and the lost ones that never made it.

The physical releases tend to sell out very quickly, as intended, so we've decided to release them digitally for those who miss out the first time around.
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